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Here’s an Excerpt from the May 20 issue of Advice for Inner Circle Pro Members: “I’m sticking to my mid-March assessment: the bulk of the pandemic’s damage to the market has already been done. However, the pandemic’s response to the easing of the lockdown will determine the stock market’s direction in the next few months. If COVID-19 deaths soar as some predict, the market will probably go into another downturn. If deaths hold steady or rise only slightly, we’re likely to see a big revival in investor confidence, and a rise in the stock market. In any event, I expect the market to stay above its March lows. If you can afford to keep your money in stocks for two years or more, now is a good time to buy.” Click here for more information on the Inner Circle Pro and how members are benefiting. The sharp reduction in interest rates as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic should spur new demand for dividend-paying stocks. A great choice is Emera. The company’s regulated…

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