Stock Pickers Digest Hotline – Friday, June 21, 2019

ALTAGAS LTD., $19.81, symbol ALA on Toronto, processes, transports, stores and markets natural gas for producers. The company also operates natural gas utilities; and it is a power generator, with gas-fired, coal-fired, wind, biomass and hydroelectric plants.

AltaGas recently opened Canada’s first marine propane export terminal… Read More

5 tips for buying uranium stocks

5 tips for buying uranium stocks

Uranium stocks offer long-term promise—here’s how to pick the best ones.
Uranium stocks are shares in companies that explore for, mine and refine the metal uranium.

Uranium’s long-term outlook is positive, but supply remains much higher than demand. That has kept prices low, although the industry’s largest… Read More

Integrated oil giant moves ahead with LNG

Crude prices will likely remain volatile for all of 2019. The best way to cut your oil price risk is with integrated producers because refineries achieve higher profit margins when they pay less for the crude oil they use as raw material.

This particular integrated producer… Read More

Market still oversupplied

CAMECO CORP. $15.93 (Toronto symbol CCO; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk) (306-956-6200;; Shares outstanding: 395.8 million; Market cap: $6.3 billion; Dividend yield 0.5%) is the world’s biggest uranium producer.
The company’s revenue in the quarter ended December 31, 2018, rose 2.7%, to $831 million from… Read More