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Q: I would like to get your opinion of ChromaDex. Its main product, Tru Niagen, appears to be backed by promising science and distinguished scientists.

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A: ChromaDex Corp., $5.05, symbol CDXC on Nasdaq (Shares outstanding: 61.5 million; Market cap: $310.6 million;, is a maker of nutraceuticals (food-based drug alternatives) that aims to improve the way people age. As early as 1906, scientists have known about the role of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the body. Since then, they’ve learned NAD is found in every living cell. It also fuels the mitochondria, which keeps almost every tissue in the body healthy. ChromaDex’s main product relies on a 2004 study by Dr. Charles Brenner. The research identified a unique form of vitamin B3 called nicotinamide riboside (NR). As an essential micronutrient, NR appears to increase NAD levels in the body to boost cellular health. While Brenner’s work identified trace levels of NR in milk and other dairy products, since 2013 Chromadex has focused on producing a supplement of the vitamin with higher concentrations. With the exclusive use of Dr. Brenner’s patents and its own established techniques, Chromadex now produces NR…

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