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Q: Pat, may I have your thoughts on WPT Industrial REIT and Dream Industrial REIT? I was a shareholder of Pure Industrial REIT with great success until it was bought out. These warehouse REITs appear to be a great way to gain exposure to the online shopping phenomenon.

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A: WPT Industrial REIT, $12.78, symbol WIR.U on Toronto (Units outstanding: 44.5 million; Market cap: $568.7 million;, is a Canadian REIT that owns and manages industrial properties in the U.S. Right now, WPT has 54 properties in 15 states. In all, they include 18.1 million square feet of leasable area. The REIT has 16.1% of its leasable area in Georgia, 12.9% in Tennessee, 11.4% in Indiana, 10.5% in Kentucky, 10.0% in Ohio, 8.9% in Minnesota, 8.2% in Illinois, 5.2% in Pennsylvania, 4.6% in Kansas, 3.3% in Wisconsin, 2.7% in Oregon, 2.3% in Texas, 2.0% in Florida, 1.4% in Michigan and 0.5% in Nevada. The trust’s top tenants by square footage are General Mills, Unilever, Continental Tire, Zulily, Keystone Automotive, Fullbeauty Brands, Radial Inc., CEVA Logistics, and Honeywell. WPT continues to grow steadily by acquisition. In September 2017, it completed a $74.3 million acquisition of an industrial property in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. (All figures including unit price and market cap in U.S. dollars.)…