Resist any urge to sell top picks

Article Excerpt

As I’ve said since mid-March, I suspect the bulk of the damage to the stock market may already be behind us. Obviously, I could be wrong. I’ll explain why and say more over the next few weeks in our newsletters and weekly Hotlines. Meanwhile, I advise against selling high-quality stocks, especially if they are part of a portfolio that’s diversified across most if not all of the five main economic sectors. This issue highlights several high-quality stocks we feel are poised to deliver strong gains as the pandemic eases and the economy recovers. Those include CGI, our top Aggressive pick for 2020. The company is likely to see an uptick in its orders over the next few months given its computer outsourcing services are now helping many of its corporate clients operate smoothly during the crisis. The expanding work-from-home trend will also drive more demand for its services, and lift your returns. In addition, the pandemic has spurred consumers to stockpile groceries. That supports the…

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