A 27.9% earning jump for Power Corp.

A 27.9% earning jump for Power Corp.

Improved sales of life insurance, investment funds and other financial products drove the 27.9% jump in revenue for this company during the most-recent quarter.

A recent company reorganization should further unlock value for shareholders, already receiving a 4.9% dividend yield.

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Power builds on your 38% gain

Investors tend to value simplicity over complexity in their stock purchases. Power Corp. offers you top assets, but its complex holding company structure draws attention away from its investor value. Now, though, Power plans a major reorganization that’s a plus for investors. It will simplify… Read More

How to realize big benefits from a holding company discount

How to realize big benefits from a holding company discount

A holding company discount represents a great hidden opportunity for investor profit.
Even in 2019, a holding company discount is a little-understood phenomenon in finance. It represents a special kind of hidden asset and source of potential profit for investors in holding companies.

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Buy CU for income, ATCO for value

Canadian Utilities’ high-quality assets provide it with plenty of cash flow for shareholder dividends. That cash flow also helps explain why we have recommended the stock as a top pick for income seekers since 1995.
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This split will make pure-play leaders

United Technologies recently completed its acquisition of Rockwell Collins—a rival maker of aircraft parts. Like most big acquisitions, this one adds risk, but it also comes with several long-term benefits. Those include giving United Technologies more clout when negotiating new deals with big aircraft makers… Read More

Look beyond their latest quarterly results

All four of these power and gas utilities reported lower earnings for the second quarter of 2018. Moreover, rising interest rates have hurt their appeal among income-seeking investors. Higher rates will also increase their borrowing costs as they raise funds for new projects.
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