Two ways to tap into e-commerce growth

In July 2015, online auction firm eBay split off its electronic-payment business, PayPal, as a separate firm. Investors received one PayPal share for each eBay share they held.
Both stocks jumped during the pandemic as consumers embraced online shopping, but have moved down as stores re-opened… Read More

Pembina yields a very high 6.3%

Most of Pembina’s pipelines operate under long-term contracts. That helps lower the company’s risk in today’s uncertain economy. Meanwhile, Pembina’s investors tap a high, sustainable dividend yield. That adds to the stock’s appeal and also supports its share price.
PEMBINA PIPELINE, $42.17, is a #1 Buy for… Read More

Pembina yields a high 6.5%

PEMBINA PIPELINE, $41.10, is a buy. The company (Toronto symbol PPL; Shares outstanding: 550.3 million; Market cap: $22.9 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Average; Dividend yield: 6.4%; last increased its dividend by 3.6% with the October 2022 payment. Pembina now pays a quarterly dividend of $0.6525 a share. The new… Read More