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What is Pat’s commentary for the week of April 7, 2020

Article Excerpt

Here’s another installment of the Guide to Bear Market Investing. Below, we cover some FAQs—Frequently Asked Questions. Should I change my investment portfolio to reflect the drop in the market and other recent events? That depends on what you already own. If your portfolio was good for you two months ago, it’s probably good for you now. In our view, a good-for-you portfolio would reflect our Successful Investor 3-prong structure. That means it would hold mostly high-quality stocks, be diversified, and include few if any holdings chosen because they happen to be broker/media favourites. In the past two months, most high-quality stocks fell in price along with the rest of the market. In most cases, they fell in proportion to the change in their outlook—with high-quality stocks, the market is pretty good at “discounting” their share price to reflect immediate or obvious changes in their prospects. You may still have reason to make changes in your portfolio. Good reasons would be due to factors…

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