Bear markets offer opportunities for investors

The traditional bear market threshold is a 20% drop from a market peak. And although, in our view, looking at past market movements is no guide to what happens next, it’s interesting to note that stocks have always bounced back from market downturns.
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Consumer-focused ETFs add stability

Consumer companies such as Walmart, Kellogg and Nestle provide basic goods that consumers need, even during a recession. It is therefore not surprising that these companies have relatively consistent revenue and profit histories and are able to maintain their dividends even during tough economic times.
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Include a range of risk levels in your holdings

In theory, higher-risk stocks should deliver higher returns than lower-risk stocks—otherwise, why would any investor want to invest in high-risk stocks? But, the evidence to prove or disprove the theory is mixed. Some studies point to lower-risk stocks outperforming high-risk stocks over the long run… Read More

Commodities are looking up for investors

Commodities can help diversify portfolios, but are cyclical and come with higher levels of price volatility.
However, well-diversified ETFs that offer exposure to commodity producers can help investors overcome the problems associated with direct investments in physical commodities or funds that track a single commodity.
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