These Vanguard funds are top ETF buys

Generally speaking, Canadians are blocked from buying mutual funds that are registered in the U.S. unless those funds are also registered with provincial securities commissions. (Moreover, some Canadian mutual funds are only available in a limited number of provinces.)
Investors in this country can, however, buy… Read More

How to pick the best Canadian index mutual funds

How to pick the best Canadian index mutual funds

Canadian index mutual funds were among the better financial innovations to come along in the past few decades. Still the popularity of ETFs may soon eclipse them
Canadian index mutual funds are specialized mutual funds that aim to equal the performance of a Canadian market index,… Read More

Dear Pat: I am a U.S. citizen who has lived and worked in Canada for over 20 years. I hold Canadian citizenship as well as my U.S. citizenship. I’ve recently heard that the IRS is becoming stricter about investments that U.S. citizens hold in Canada, and I wonder about the best approach to take with my investments. Thanks.

The U.S. is the sole country worldwide that requires its citizens to file an income tax return and report any income regardless of where they live or whether they hold dual citizenship in another country. That’s unlike Canada, which mainly bases its tax system on… Read More

Why investors should avoid asset allocation funds

Many investors buy units of asset allocation mutual funds because they think these funds provide an easy and profitable way to diversify between stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.

How asset allocation funds work

Asset allocation funds are mutual funds that can shift their portfolio allocations between… Read More