Stock market investment advice for worry-warts

Follow our stock market investment advice and be a worry-free investor.

Many investors spend a lot of time worrying about the wrong things. In particular, they worry about things that are unpredictable. Even if they happen, these things may have only an indirect impact on their… Read More

Bad news about a stock isn’t always a sell signal

The deal that was cobbled together in Washington to avoid America’s so-called “fiscal cliff” appears to have staved off bad news, at least temporarily. But bad news about an individual stock can crop up any time—and often with far less warning than heavily reported crises… Read More

Hidden Value and Takeover Stocks—Pat McKeough on YouTube

This is another in a series of video interviews in which Pat McKeough will give his advice on a variety of topics. Some will deal with his overall investment philosophy, others on specific investment strategies and still others will be comments on events that are… Read More