Scott Clayton

Scott is an associate editor at TSI Network. He is the lead reporter and analyst for Dividend Advisor, Stock Pickers Digest and Canadian Wealth Advisor and a member of the Investment Planning Committee. Scott began his investment and financial career working with Pat McKeough at The Investment Reporter in the 1980s. Subsequently, he worked at the Financial Post Corporation Service for 10 years. He joined TSI Network in 1998. He is a Bachelor of Economics graduate of York University, and he also has an M.B.A. from the Schulich School of Business.

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QUIZ: Learning about stocks for fun—and profit

QUIZ: Learning about stocks for fun—and profit

Successfully learning about stocks means discovering how to do insightful research—but above all, investigating widely, rather than focusing on a narrow range of information
When they’re just starting out, investors learning about stocks need to look at a wide range of information before deciding whether to… Read More

Here’s how to find the top copper mining stocks

Here’s how to find the top copper mining stocks

How to identify the top copper mining stocks—and how to best to fit them into your portfolio
Stocks of firms that produce oil and base metals, including copper, generally have higher dividend yields than, say, gold stocks. As well, they’re usually much cheaper than gold stocks… Read More

Highly-speculative investments rarely, if ever, pay off

Buying highly-speculative investments such as penny stocks is especially risky. So it’s important to use our three-part philosophy to build your overall portfolio
High-risk, high-reward investors are typically drawn to highly-speculative investments.\

Here’s why that’s not a great long-term strategy.

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Be wary of penny stocks, which are very… Read More

Russel Metals offers investors a 7.6% yield

Russel Metals offers investors a 7.6% yield

Shareholders of this metal distributor continue to benefit from its rising sales on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border. That regional diversity helped lift overall revenue by 11% in the most-recent quarter as selling prices in both markets improved.

Given the company’s unique business model,… Read More