Tap into robots and artificial intelligence

The growing commercial use of robots and computers with sophisticated learning and problem-solving skills continues to change the manufacturing and service sectors.
Here is a look at two exchange-traded funds that provide easy access to companies now leading the development of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and… Read More

Three ways to boost your foreign exposure

An easy way for investors to gain international exposure is with well-established foreign firms whose shares trade as American Depositary Receipts on the New York exchange. Here are updates on three of our favourite ADR stocks (including Diageo, see box).
ABB LTD. ADRs $30 is a.. Read More

We prefer the parents, not the spinoffs

These two overseas firms are spinning off some of their smaller businesses, which helps unlock value. For your new buying, we still like their shares, but we suggest holding off for now on buying additional shares in their spinoffs.
ABB LTD. ADRs $27 is a buy. This… Read More

Switzerland is rebounding from COVID

Switzerland has a stable, export-oriented economy, which regularly ranks among the world’s most competitive. In addition, it is home to some of the top performing and best-known global companies. COVID-19 slowed the economy along with most other nations—and it’s still a risk. But the outlook… Read More

Two ways to diversify your Finance holdings

These legacy industrial conglomerates are now breaking up into smaller firms. Eliminating their “holding company discounts” should unlock value for shareholders. However, ABB has a brighter short-term outlook than GE.
ABB LTD. ADRs $30 is a buy. This Swiss-based company (New York symbol ABB; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing… Read More