Your long-term prospects remain intact

On April 1, 2020, the old Arconic Inc. split into two new companies for investors: Howmet Aerospace and Arconic Corp.
We feel this breakup, like most spinoffs, will work out well for investors over time. However, your shares in both new companies will likely move sideways… Read More

These four offer investors healthy returns

Consumers continue to shift to more-healthful foods with less sugar and salt. That has forced many makers of packaged foods to improve the quality of their products—and so protect value for investors. Industry leaders are also using acquisitions to bolster their current offerings. The moves… Read More

More ways you can profit

We start this issue with a look back at eBay  as it approaches the fifth anniversary of the spinoff of PayPal. While the new firm has soared, the parent has lagged. However, under pressure from high-profit activist firms, eBay is now considering more ways to lift… Read More

Cost cuts should add to your 66% gain

ARCONIC INC. $31 is still a buy. The company (New York symbol ARNC; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; shares o/s: 432.9 million; Market cap: $13.4 billion; P.S. ratio: 1.0; Divd. yield: 0.3%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; is a leader in engineered aluminum for cars, buildings and… Read More

A second spinoff should lift your returns

To unlock value for investors, on November 1, 2016, the old Alcoa Inc. split into two separate companies—Arconic Inc. (focused on manufactured aluminium products) and spinoff Alcoa Corp. (focused on bulk aluminum). For every three of the old shares investors held, they received three shares… Read More

More ways you can profit

In addition to Danaher—our top spinoff pick for 2020—this month we highlight several other spinoff opportunities ready to deliver your portfolio enviable returns.
They include aluminum products maker Arconic, which now plans to break itself into two separate firms. Arconic has produced solid gains for investors since… Read More