These three ETFs rely on asset allocation

Fund providers in Canada and the U.S. continue to actively introduce new ETFs. This month we highlight three recent additions.
Bank of Montreal (BMO) recently launched three asset allocation ETFs that invest in other BMO ETFs.
Each of the three ETFs acts as “fund of funds,” with its… Read More

Bond holdings limit these Vanguard ETFs

Earlier this year, Vanguard Canada added a fourth balanced fund (a mix of stock ETFs and bond ETFs) to three others that it launched in January 2018.
Here’s a look at all four of these ETFs:
VANGUARD CONSERVATIVE INCOME ETF PORTFOLIO $25.81 (Toronto symbol VCIP), holds roughly 20% of… Read More

Pat: What do you think about these three ETFs: iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF, iShares Global Monthly Dividend Index (CAD-Hedged) ETF and the iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF?

iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF, $6.99, symbol FIE on Toronto (Units outstanding: 45.0 million; Market cap: $314.6 million;, is a balanced fund with 16% of its assets in bonds and 16% in preferred shares. The other 68% is in common stocks.

We don’t generally… Read More

Hi Pat. I bought some mutual funds a few years ago that I would like to consolidate. I would really appreciate your view: Mawer New Canada Fund, Saxon Stock Fund, Saxon Balanced Fund and Saxon Small Cap Fund. Thanks!

The Mawer New Canada Fund holds high-quality, smaller-capitalization stocks, well-balanced across the five main economic sectors. Mawer New Canada Fund is okay to hold.

Saxon Stock Fund holds a number of high-quality, large-capitalization stocks. However, it also holds a few speculative stocks we don’t recommend. The… Read More

My personal and my wife’s RRSP accounts have lost approx. 45% over the last one and a half years. They are both invested in mutual funds, including Hartford Canadian Dividend Growth Fund, Hartford U.S. Dividend Growth Fund, Mackenzie Sentinel Income Fund, Mackenzie Maxxum Dividend Fund, Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund and AGF World Balanced Fund. Can you comment on any of these funds? Thanks.

Hartford Canadian Dividend Growth Fund holds mostly large-capitalization, dividend-paying Canadian stocks. The fund is okay to hold.

Hartford U.S. Dividend Growth Fund is okay to hold for U.S. exposure.

Mackenzie Sentinel Income Fund is a balanced fund that holds 39.8% of its assets in stocks, 58.4% in… Read More


IVY GROWTH AND INCOME FUND $17.86 (CWA Rating: Conservative) (Mackenzie Financial Corp., 150 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3B5. 1-800-387-0780; Web site: Load fund — available from brokers) is a balanced fund. As such, it holds a mix of stocks, bonds and cash… Read More

We still like some Ivy funds

In the past, investors bought mutual funds within the “fund families” promoted by fund sellers for a couple of main reasons.

Mutual funds within a particular fund family often shared some key investment characteristic, such as a conservative or aggressive investment approach, or a stress on… Read More