Finding the Best Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold

The best Canadian dividend stocks to buy and hold will share a number of characteristics. Here’s what they are:
A track record of dividend payments is a strong sign of reliability and a good indication that you may be investing in the best long-term dividend stocks.

The… Read More

Rising oil prices set to lift ShawCor

Rising oil prices set to lift ShawCor

This oil-industry supplier is sitting on an order backlog of $606 million, with rising oil prices set to increase production and demand.
In 2017, OPEC plans to cut oil production by about 4.5%. That should help reduce the supply of oil and stabilize prices. It… Read More

Is borrowing money to invest a good idea?

Is borrowing money to invest right for you? The risks may not be worth the reward.

With interest rates still near historic lows, borrowing money to invest continues to look attractive. That’s especially true if you borrow to buy some of the best Canadian dividend stocks,… Read More