Two companies contribute to this dividend

This company’s ownership of a major electric and natural gas utility is its primary source of earnings.

Recently, this firm bought back the remaining 25% of its structures and logistics business, which should benefit it and its major subsidiary. Meanwhile the company has raised its… Read More

High-yielding income fund is Canada’s packaging leader

Pat McKeough recently replied to a Member of his Inner Circle who asked about one of Canada’s remaining income trusts. The largest packaging distributor in Canada, this company chose to retain its trust structure despite the government’s 2011 decision to end tax breaks for income… Read More

The Best Stocks With Dividends Share These Qualities

Characteristics of the best stocks with dividends typically include long dividend track record, along with market dominance
Stock prices rise and fall. However, the best stocks with dividends like to ratchet their dividends upward over time—holding them steady in a bad year, and raising them in… Read More