Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Today, we look at two Canadian ETFs that hold many of the Canadian stocks we recommend for 2020. iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF and iShares Canada Select Dividend Index ETF mirror, respectively, sub-indexes holding the 60 most-heavily trades stocks and 30 of the highest-yielding dividend stocks… Read More

Here’s a look at a new industry alliance

A major change in the Canadian ETF landscape took place in January, with BlackRock Inc. and RBC Global Asset Management joining forces. The #1 and #5 Canadian providers will jointly offer 150 Canadian-listed ETFs under the RBC iShares brand with a combined $60 billion in… Read More

ETFs attract more mutual-fund assets

Canadian-listed exchange-traded funds continue to attract assets previously invested in mutual funds. By the end of 2018, Canadian ETFs had assets under management of $157 billion, or 6.6% more than a year earlier. The value of ETF assets has also doubled over the past 3.. Read More

Canadian ETF growth maintains its pace

Canadian ETF assets are still growing. At the end of August 2018, there were 621 ETFs in Canada, with assets under management of $163.7 billion. Total assets were 22% higher than a year earlier. They were almost double the total asset value recorded at the… Read More

Four providers control the market

Four large global ETF providers dominate the global industry, with an estimated 75% market share. Three of them—Blackrock (iShares), Vanguard and State Street Global Advisors (SPDR)—are U.S. based. Deutsche Bank is the fourth. Sheer size allows each provider to offer exceptionally low management fees on… Read More

Dear Pat and team: I have a numbered company, with equity holdings I must sell off over four years. My accountant has advised me to sell roughly 25% of the value of its equities each year, for the next four years. Could you recommend which ones to sell in what order to account for about 25% of the total value each year? Here’s the list:

CI Canadian Bond Fund

 $ 31,286

CI Canadian Equity

 $ 73,406

CI Corporate Bond

 $ 37,783

iShares Cdn S&P/TSX60

 $ 22,640


 $ 22,640

BCE Inc.

 $ 7,592


 $ 6,783

WestJet Airlines

 $ 12,090


 $ 3,489

TOTAL Investments

 $ 217,710

A: We don’t generally recommend that investors hold mutual funds, mostly because of their higher fees.
In particular,… Read More

2 ways to make good investments for young children

Members of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle sometimes ask us how to find good investments for young children. If children are under the age of 18, they cannot yet invest as adults. However, there are a couple of savings and investment options available:

You (or the child)… Read More