Canadian blue chips dominate these two Canadian ETFs

Canadian blue chips dominate these two Canadian ETFs

These two Canadian ETFs track Canada’s best-established indexes and provide low-fee exposure to widely traded blue chip stocks.
When you invest in ETFs, simpler is generally better. And each of these two Canadian ETFs provides a straightforward approach to investing in a selection of Canada’s top… Read More

Both benefits and drawbacks to dividend ETFs

The merits of investing in top dividend-paying companies are well known—capital gains, regular income, and lower risk. However, investors in ETFs that focus on dividend-paying companies need to be aware that the dividend payouts of ETFs are not as smooth as those of the best… Read More

ETFs are catching up with mutual funds

Exchange-traded funds are well suited to index-tracking investment strategies. And compared to mutual funds, they generally offer investors much lower fees and higher liquidity.
It is therefore not surprising that the total amount of assets held in index ETFs globally are rapidly catching up with… Read More

How to find the best dividend ETF

How to find the best dividend ETF

The best dividend ETFs can lead to high yields and add stability to your portfolio
The best dividend ETFs will practice “passive” fund management, in contrast to the “active” management that conventional mutual funds or some new ETFs provide at much higher costs.

As a result of… Read More

ETFs swell despite COVID-19’s impact

Canadian ETF assets under management totalled $211.4 billion by the end of May, 19% more than 12 months earlier. So far this year, stock market ETFs have attracted $12.7 billion followed by fixed-income funds. They attracted $4.0 billion in inflows.
Despite the economic uncertainty associated with… Read More

Investors continue their march toward ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) have taken the investment world by storm.
In Canada, ETF assets under management have grown by 150% over the past five years, from $77 billion to $192 billion. At the same time, the number of ETFs has doubled. Robust growth was also evident… Read More

Value funds draw more investor money

ETFs remain popular investment vehicles for investors. In the U.S., total net inflows into ETFs amounted to $197 billion (for the year to the end of September). This was about the same as 2018, which saw record inflows. Canadian ETFs attracted net new money of… Read More