Pengrowth Energy Trust $24.80 – Toronto symbol PGF.UN

PENGROWTH ENERGY TRUST $24.80 (Toronto symbol PGF.B; SI Rating: Average) produces oil and gas in western Canada. The company was one of the first Canadian royalty trusts, starting up in 1988. It’s now one of the largest energy trusts in North America. Pengrowth also holds… Read More

Three Oil and Gas Trusts for Steady Gains

Oil is currently trading at around $71 U.S. a barrel, not far from the record high of $75.35 it reached in April this year. Despite high inventory levels in the U.S., the world’s largest oil consumer, oil prices remain high. That’s largely due to fears… Read More

The 12 Factors We Use to Judge Trusts

In evaluating investments, many investors focus on what we’d call ‘investment outputs’, such as earnings, dividends, cash flow, return on equity, sales growth and so on. These are all important, of course, but you shouldn’t focus on them to the exclusion of what you might… Read More