What are flow-through limited partnerships?

Flow-through limited partnerships offer big tax breaks but may not be the best things for your portfolio

Flow-through limited partnerships developed out of a Canadian government plan to encourage the exploration and development of Canada’s natural resources. Under the plan, companies involved… Read More

Risk outweighs the reward of these tax shelters

Investors continue to look for ways to profit from rising commodity prices. Some are considering a unique kind of tax shelter: flow-through funds.

Flow-through funds mainly invest in flow-through shares issued by junior mining and oil companies. The companies spend the money they receive for these… Read More

What is capital gains tax?

Capital gains tax must be paid on the profit that comes from the sale of an asset. An asset can be a security, such as a stock or a bond, or a fixed asset, such as land, buildings, equipment or other possessions.

Let’s look at… Read More