Q: Hello, Pat. What is your take on investing for the long term in WonderFi Technologies Inc. (WNDR)? Thanks.

A: WonderFi Technologies Inc., $1.08, symbol WNDR on the NEO Exchange (Shares outstanding: 161.5 million; Market cap: $176.5 million; www.wonder.fi), aims to provide consumers better access to digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The NEO exchange, which is recognized by the Ontario Securities Commission,… Read More

Spinoffs & Takeovers Hotline – Friday, May 22, 2020

TRISURA GROUP LTD., $49.00, symbol TSU on Toronto, is a provider of higher-margin specialty insurance in three areas: Risk Solutions provides warranties for manufactured products; Surety Insurance guarantees that specific tasks are completed; and Corporate Insurance and Reinsurance offers policies to professionals to cover malpractice… Read More

‘Carveout’ sets up Post for more growth

POST HOLDINGS INC. $90 (New York symbol POST; Consumer sector; Shares outstanding: 66.6 million; Market cap: $6.0 billion; No dividends paid; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; www.postholdings.com) is a leading maker of packaged foods. The U.S. supplies 87% of its sales.
The company has five operating units: Consumer Brands, Michael… Read More