Alberta’s production cuts did their job

Late last year Alberta’s previous NDP government ordered oil producers in the province to cut their total daily output.
The government-imposed reduction was the result of a lack of pipeline capacity that led to a glut of stored crude in the province and helped to push… Read More

High rail demand set to spur earnings jump

This company’s broad geographic presence in North America, including the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts, gives it a competitive advantage. Earnings have risen 31.1% since 2014 as the company focuses on efficiency at the same time it invests in new locomotives and tracks.

The… Read More

Production cuts should spur its future growth

This oil sands leader suffered a loss in the recent quarter, but its stronger production and integrated operations—including U.S. refineries—position it for strong growth as Canadian oil prices recover.

For now, the company continues to pay down its debt and waits for an Alberta-mandated production cut… Read More

CN still has years of growth ahead

CN’s shares have jumped 75% in the past five years, mainly due to the company’s strong focus on efficiency and heavy spending on new locomotives and tracks. Those investments have helped the company handle rising freight volumes of grain, fertilizer and forest products. The lack… Read More