COVID-19 has helped lift them to new highs

These two stocks are trading close to their all-time highs, despite disruptions caused by COVID-19. That’s because both companies supply vital products to their corporate and government clients. Recent acquisitions also brighten their long-term prospects.
MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC. $164 is a buy. The company (New York… Read More

Their essential services fuel your gains

FedEx and Cintas have soared in the past few months, even though the shutdown of businesses due to COVID-19 hurt their short-term earnings. That’s because demand for their services will rebound as the economy reopens, particularly as they help businesses cope with the pandemic.

Coronavirus crisis could boost demand for key services at Cintas Corp.

Coronavirus crisis could boost demand for key services at Cintas Corp.

Improved demand from hospitals and healthcare providers plus cleaning and first-aid products could offset reduced needs for this company’s restaurant and hotel uniforms.

This industry leader also has a healthy cash situation and offers you a sustainable 1.3% yield.

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CINTAS CORP. (Nasdaq symbol CTAS; designs and… Read More

Cintas offers you strong rebound potential

Cintas investors already expect the COVID-19 pandemic to hurt demand for the company’s uniform services, particularly from restaurants and hotels.
However, invests will benefit from higher demand for uniforms, including scrubs, from hospitals and healthcare providers. That should help offset reduced demand elsewhere. The outbreak should… Read More

Acquisition doubles Cintas

CINTAS CORP. $267 (Nasdaq symbol CTAS; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 104.5 million; Market cap: $27.9 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 4.1; Dividend yield: 0.8%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; designs and makes uniforms, then sells them to businesses, mainly in North America. It also offers… Read More