Cintas should keep rebounding with the economy

Cintas should keep rebounding with the economy

Improved sales of sanitizer and cleaning products led to a 9.7% earnings jump during the most-recent quarter. 

Not only did this beat estimates, the company’s earnings forecast is also leading estimates as the economy continues to re-open.

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COVID-19 has helped lift them to new highs

These two stocks are trading close to their all-time highs, despite disruptions caused by COVID-19. That’s because both companies supply vital products to their corporate and government clients. Recent acquisitions also brighten their long-term prospects.
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Their essential services fuel your gains

FedEx and Cintas have soared in the past few months, even though the shutdown of businesses due to COVID-19 hurt their short-term earnings. That’s because demand for their services will rebound as the economy reopens, particularly as they help businesses cope with the pandemic.