Updating Chipotle Mexican Grill, Amazon.com, and Shopify

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL $429.85 (New York symbol CMG; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk) (303-595-4000; www.chipotle.com; Shares outstanding: 27.8 million; Market cap: $12.0 billion; No dividends paid) has announced a pilot loyalty program. The test will start in three markets: Phoenix, Kansas City, and Columbus, Ohio.
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Drilling rebound will spur their gains

MAJOR DRILLING $4.90 (Toronto symbol MDI; TSINetwork Rating: Speculative) (1-866-264-3986; www.majordrilling.com; Shares outstanding: 80.3 million; Market cap: $393.5 million; No dividends paid) is a large contract driller that mainly serves the mining industry.
Major believes that mining activity continues to deplete the world’s more easily accessible mineral reserves. That… Read More

Oil and gas software produces high-yielding dividend

Oil and gas software produces high-yielding dividend

This Canadian stock’s software helps major oil and gas customers make profitable engineering decisions more quickly.

Producers can map out their reservoirs thoroughly and extract the greatest possible volume of oil or gas. Over the past year the company has introduced new technologies, including artificial intelligence. The… Read More