The Bottom-Up Investing Approach is better than Top-Down Investing

Investors practicing bottom-up investing focus on a company’s fundamentals, and not predictions of what may happen in an industry or the economy
We think that most investors are far better off with “bottom-up investing” as opposed to “top-down investing.” Bottom-up is where you look closely at… Read More

5 Key Investment Lessons for Beginners

Some of the most important investment lessons for beginners centre on learning how to make the best long-term stock picks while staying away from costly investing mistakes
Investing success comes from making more right decisions than wrong ones over a long period of time.

Early in their… Read More

How to profitably pick stocks from TSX listings

How to profitably pick stocks from TSX listings

Our investing recommendations are the same for TSX listings as they are on other stock exchanges—here’s how to choose wisely
To succeed as an investor, you need to be able to “cut through the noise”. That is, you need to sort through the news to… Read More