New ETFs for Canadian investors

This month we highlight two new funds: the first is a global equity ETF from a large Canadian asset manager with a considerable number of ETFs already in place; the second is a long-short equity ETF from a Canadian hedge fund manager.

Here are two new ETFs for Canadian investors

BMO Asset Management recently added seven ETFs to their already extensive lineup. Here’s a look at two of these funds—one takes long and short positions in Canadian equities and a second aims to participate in U.S. stock gains while also providing some downside protection.

Here are new ETFs for Canadian investors

This month we feature a very high-yielding financial services ETF from Hamilton Capital Partners, and a top-performing North American value equity ETF from RBC.
HAMILTON CANADIAN FINANCIALS YIELD MAXIMIZER ETF $13.12 (Toronto symbol HMAX) invests in the top 10 Canadian financial services companies as measured by their total… Read More

Two new ETFs for Canadian investors

Evolve is a mid-sized Canadian ETF provider with about $3 billion of assets under management spread mostly across themed ETFs. This month we look at a new technology fund recently launched by that manager. We also highlight a global stock fund launched by one of… Read More

These dividend ETFs offer you regular income

Higher interest rates mean dividend-paying stocks must increasingly compete with fixed-income investments for investor interest. However, sustainable dividends still offer an attractive and growing income stream for investors.
Meanwhile, dividend-focused ETFs often follow strategies that can set investors up for maximum long-term gains with the least… Read More

Profit from U.S. infrastructure spending

Governments around the world know the benefits that flow from developing better infrastructure. However, their stretched budgets and their reluctance to increase taxes constrain their ability to take on those projects. This provides opportunities for public companies to develop and manage these assets.
Meanwhile, companies with exposure… Read More