Hi Pat: I currently hold shares in Clairvest Group, which I have held for over 10 years. It has survived the downturns rather well. I wonder what you think of this stock.

Clairvest Group, $12.30, symbol CVG on Toronto, (Shares outstanding: 16.0 million; Market cap: $196.2 million) is a Toronto-based merchant bank that invests in both public and private corporations. It also provides investment advice.

The company invests its own funds and those of third-party investors through three… Read More

Seven Income Trusts We Don’t Like

SUPERIOR PLUS INCOME FUND $11.07 (Toronto symbol SPF.UN) faces gradual shrinkage in its core propane distribution market. Its diversification into new areas such as pulp and paper chemicals and construction materials does not inspire our confidence. We don’t recommend Superior Plus.


10 Income Trusts We Don’t Like

Income trusts as a group are more speculative than most investors realize. They carry a lot of hidden risk, due to the way they are organized as investments, and to the way they are valued by investors.

Share prices of many companies rise in price when… Read More