Q: Hi, Pat. My question relates to the Horizons Active Preferred Share ETF. Compared to holding the preferred shares of individual companies, does an ETF like this provide any advantages? Is this the best one to buy if you want to buy such an ETF? Thanks!

A: Preferred shares behave more like long-term fixed-income instruments rather than short-term instruments. So while short-term interest rates are still relatively low, the outlook for long-term interest rates is less certain.

The underlying credit quality of preferred share issuers can be a negative factor in some… Read More

Risk of failure is high with marijuana penny stocks

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Investment Outlook

Trying to find “up-and-coming” cannabis stocks by investing in marijuana penny stocks carries high risk, especially since many are likely little more than stock promotions.

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The Best Canadian Penny Stocks Have these 7 Elements in Common

The Best Canadian Penny Stocks Have these 7 Elements in Common

If you are looking to invest in the best Canadian penny stocks, focus on stock quality—and make sure it has experienced management, as well as these 6 other elements
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