Bond holdings limit these Vanguard ETFs

Earlier this year, Vanguard Canada added a fourth balanced fund (a mix of stock ETFs and bond ETFs) to three others that it launched in January 2018.
Here’s a look at all four of these ETFs:
VANGUARD CONSERVATIVE INCOME ETF PORTFOLIO $25.81 (Toronto symbol VCIP), holds roughly 20% of… Read More

Pass on this ETF

ISHARES CANADIAN FINANCIAL MONTHLY INCOME ETF $7.04 (Toronto symbol FIE; TSINetwork ETF Rating: Conservative; Market cap: $629.9 million) invests primarily in the common shares, preferred shares, corporate bonds and income trusts of firms in the Canadian finance sector.
The fund has an MER of 0.93%, which… Read More

Pat: What do you think about these three ETFs: iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF, iShares Global Monthly Dividend Index (CAD-Hedged) ETF and the iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF?

iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF, $6.99, symbol FIE on Toronto (Units outstanding: 45.0 million; Market cap: $314.6 million;, is a balanced fund with 16% of its assets in bonds and 16% in preferred shares. The other 68% is in common stocks.

We don’t generally… Read More