Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Two Canadian ETFs hold most of Canada’s best stocks

Today, we look at two Canadian ETFs that hold many of the Canadian stocks we recommend for 2020. iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF and iShares Canada Select Dividend Index ETF mirror, respectively, sub-indexes holding the 60 most-heavily trades stocks and 30 of the highest-yielding dividend stocks… Read More

Enbridge locks in your value

ENBRIDGE INC. $38.63, is a buy. The company (Toronto symbol ENB; Shares outstanding: 2.0 billion; Market cap: $78.2 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 8.4%; operates pipelines that pump oil and natural gas from Western Canada to eastern Canada and the U.S. It also distributes gas… Read More

Great time for you to buy

TC ENERGY INC., $57.86, is a buy. The company (Toronto symbol TRP; Shares o/s: 939.8 million; Market cap: $54.4 billion; TSINetwork Rating: Above Average; Dividend yield: 5.6%; generates steady cash flow for investors mainly through its 92,600-kilometre pipeline network; it pumps natural gas from Alberta to eastern… Read More

Their dividends add to your long-term value

We think it’s realistic to assume dividends from blue-chip companies will continue to contribute around a third of a conservative investor’s portfolio returns (see the box on this page for more info). Both Pembina and Innergex (see below) offer you high, sustainable dividend yields. What’s… Read More

Algonquin adds to your 48% gain

Algonquin Power has soared 48.0% for our subscribers over the past year—even with the recent market downturn. We think it can go higher. The company aims to add value for investors through big acquisitions. While that adds risk, Algonquin focuses on making purchases that immediately contribute… Read More

Don’t miss these 3 top picks for 2020

We’ve selected your top picks for 2020—one stock, one REIT and one ETF. Each offers investors an attractive combination of growth prospects and at a reasonable price. To accelerate its growth, Telus continues to diversify its revenue stream, which also cuts risk for its investors… Read More

These ETFs give you top-quality stocks

The six ETFs we update for you below mainly hold high-quality stocks that are widely traded on Canadian and U.S. exchanges. Each fund tracks the performance of a major stock market index for its investors. Note that this is different from riskier ETFs focused on… Read More