Q: Hi, Pat. What do you think of Illinois Tool Works (ITW on NYSE). It seems to be a very consistent and reliable dividend payer. Thanks.

A: Illinois Tool Works, $132.35, symbol ITW on NYSE (Shares outstanding: 331.8 million; Market cap: $43.4 billion; www.itw.com), is a multi-industry manufacturing company operating in 56 countries. Known as ITW, it has roughly 50,000 employees.

The company’s diversified range of industrial products includes aerospace technology, bridges,… Read More

Efficient chipmaker continues to raise dividend

Efficient chipmaker continues to raise dividend

This chipmaker continues to benefit from increased efficiencies and productive research spending.

The company is a leader in analog chips. Investments in equipment upgrades have helped boost earnings, which jumped 22% in the most recent quarter. A strong balance sheet supports its research as well… Read More