Highly-speculative investments rarely, if ever, pay off

Buying highly-speculative investments such as penny stocks is especially risky. So it’s important to use our three-part philosophy to build your overall portfolio
High-risk, high-reward investors are typically drawn to highly-speculative investments.\

Here’s why that’s not a great long-term strategy.

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Be wary of penny stocks, which are very… Read More

Q: Pat, what do you think of Supreme Cannabis? It looks undervalued in relation to other marijuana stocks.

A: Supreme Cannabis, $1.45, symbol FIRE on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 289.9 million; Market cap: $440.7 million; www.supreme.ca), is a Canadian cannabis grower, plus it has other interests worldwide.

The company’s 7ACRES subsidiary owns a 440,000-square-foot facility located in Kincardine, Ontario. Through 7ACRES, Supreme Cannabis grows what… Read More