What is market timing theory?

Market timing theory attempts to interpret and detect buy and sell signals in trading patterns and history
Political tensions in Washington following the 2016 U.S. elections have reignited interest in marketing timing theory. The practice of market timing consists of coming up with and acting on a.. Read More

Why a Market Timing Strategy Leads to Poor investment Returns

Forget relying on a market timing strategy to boost returns. Focus instead on these proven tips for successful investing.
Rising stock markets often spurs renewed interest in market timing—the practice of trying to predict future trends and turning points in stock prices. For most people, this… Read More

ETF focuses on large-cap stocks

ETF focuses on large-cap stocks

The Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex-Canada Index ETF tracks big-cap global companies in both the U.S. and emerging markets, but not Canada.
THE VANGUARD FTSE ALL-WORLD EX-CANADA INDEX ETF, (symbol VXC on Toronto; www.vanguardcanada.ca) aims to track the FTSE Global All Cap ex Canada China A Inclusion… Read More