Soaring share price makes Dollarama an expensive buy

Soaring share price makes Dollarama an expensive buy

In response to a direct “buy or not” question from a member of his Inner Circle, Pat McKeough takes a close look at Dollarama as it stands in 2019. A successful growth stock, Dollarama has seen exponential gains since it first began trading publicly. The… Read More

Pass on this ETF: AGFiQ US Market Neutral Momentum Fund

Momentum-based investing involves buying or selling stocks with rising or falling earnings and stock prices. It’s largely unconcerned with the absence of value markers like moderate p/e ratios or high dividend yields.
It’s a strategy that some investment managers, especially hedge fund, use to create and… Read More

Be aware of these Momentum hazards

Nowadays, many investors dream about getting rich by uncovering the ultimate stock-market indicator, or what you might call a “magic key to market profit.” This mythical device not only tells you what stocks to buy, but how to buy them at the bottom and sell… Read More

There’s room for Value-focused ETFs

Value investing is just one of a number of investing styles or methodologies. In the last couple decades, some researchers have tried to pinpoint which of those styles outperforms the others over time.
Apart from “Value” stocks, these researchers have identified factors including “Growth,” “Momentum” and… Read More

Characteristics of Growth Stocks for Successful Investing

Discover 11 key characteristics of growth stocks worth investing in and learn also what to avoid
We generally feel that most investors should hold the bulk of their investment portfolios in securities from well-established companies. This generally means holding a total of 10 to 20 well-established,… Read More

Be wary of the difference between growth and momentum stocks

To profit from growth stocks, you need to pick stocks with clear growth prospects and not simply momentum stocks with uncertain futures
By definition, growth stocks are companies that have above-average growth prospects. They are firms whose earnings growth has been above the market average, and… Read More