Here’s a powerhouse economy for investors

Some investors overlook the Netherlands given its small size and small population. Still, other investors recognize it as one of the world’s top 20 economies and among the world’s top 10 exporters.
The Netherlands has recovered well from the financial crisis a decade ago and is… Read More

Cannabis in the news January 3, 2019

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News on cannabis stocks and on developments in the industry haven’t let up in today’s volatile markets. Here are the stories that we believe will mean most to you as a Canadian investor.

1. The federal government’s proposed regulations for the sale of… Read More

Hi Pat: When I visited Poland, I saw a large number of students shopping at a kiosk that sold the mobile phone plans and Internet services of Orange SA (ORAN). Not being familiar with the company, I checked its financials, but found them difficult to absorb. I am interested though. What are your thoughts on the company and future growth? Thanks.

Orange SA (ADR), $17.06, symbol ORAN on New York (ADRs outstanding: 2.6 billion; Market cap: $45.1 billion,, is a telecommunications company controlled by the French government. It was formerly called France Telecom SA.

Now operating in 28 countries—including Poland—Orange has a total client base of… Read More