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DUN & BRADSTREET HOLDINGS INC. $19 remains a buy for long-term gains. The company (New York symbol DNB; Aggressive Growth Portfolio, Finance sector; Shares outstanding: 431.4 million; Market cap: $8.2 billion; Price-to-sales ratio: 3.8; No dividend paid; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk; is a global provider of information… Read More

Top telecoms give you income and growth

Telecommunications form an integral part of economic infrastructure. But at the same time, strict licensing standards and high capital requirements result in considerable barriers to entry for new rivals. Meanwhile, top telecommunication companies offer strong cash flow, attractive p/e’s, rising dividends and growth prospects.
Below we… Read More

Lesser-known Motorola continues to impress

In January 2011, the old Motorola Inc. spun off its cellphone business as a separate firm. The remaining operations, which make police radios and related equipment, became Motorola Solutions. The stock has gained 550% since the split, as it has successfully added other products, like… Read More

Buy Motorola Solutions Inc. with its attractive P/E

Buy Motorola Solutions Inc. with its attractive P/E

This stock has recently traded close to all-time highs despite disruptions caused by COVID-19. That’s because it supplies vital products to corporate and government clients. 

We also recommend this stock because recent acquisitions continue to brighten the company’s long-term prospects. 

MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC. (New York symbol MSI;… Read More