iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF taps global leaders

iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF taps global leaders

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his advice on an ETF that tracks this European nation’s top big-cap and mid-cap stocks.

Switzerland has a stable, export-oriented economy, which regularly ranks among the most competitive in the world. Pat notes that the fund… Read More

Q: Pat, I want to invest in Swiss stocks and was wondering what your thoughts are on Switzerland, in general, and the iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF, in particular? Thank you.

A: Switzerland has a strong economic system where the country’s revenue exceeds its expenses, so there is no deficit. That improves its self-reliance and the stability of its currency.

The country also has flexible labour markets, high productivity and an emphasis on high-value exports that are… Read More