They give you low-fee access to top stocks

Fund management expenses (MERs) can eat up a substantial proportion of your investment returns over time. That’s one reason why ETFs have become very popular. But there’s a segment of those funds with even lower MERs. Below, we analyze three of those ETFs providing investors… Read More

Here’s more top Sustainable ETFs for investors

You will find that the most-popular ETFs in the Sustainable Investment category pick companies based on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) attributes. While the top-ranked companies are generally included in ETF portfolios, the funds also tend to widen their holdings to include all major… Read More

International stocks seem inexpensive

The U.S. equity markets and the U.S. dollar have been star performers for the past decade. However, there are signs that their dominance may be ending.
The U.S. economy makes up about 25% of the global economy, while its equity markets represent 56% of the global… Read More

These ETFs let you get more from your cash

The attraction of holding cash has diminished greatly over the past decade due to a low interest rates. Still, many investors hold it in their investment portfolios. That’s not necessarily to earn income, but as a byproduct of their normal portfolio activities or as a.. Read More

Buy the best stocks outside the U.S.

Our view hasn’t changed—virtually all Canadians should have, say, 20% to 30% of their portfolio in U.S. stocks, or in ETFs holding those stocks. In fact, for some investors, that’s all the foreign exposure their portfolios really need. U.S. stock markets have performed much better… Read More

Emerging markets drive their gains

Consumers in emerging markets still spend considerably less on goods than their peers in high-income countries. But the situation is changing. Rapid growth of the middle class in developing countries—especially in China and India—continues to provide a big boost to global consumer spending.
Here are two… Read More

iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF taps global leaders

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his advice on an ETF that tracks this European nation’s top big-cap and mid-cap stocks.

Switzerland has a stable, export-oriented economy, which regularly ranks among the most competitive in the world. Pat notes that the fund… Read More