REITs are bouncing back from COVID

Investors who owned marijuana or energy stocks in the first quarter of 2021 saw considerable gains for these investments. Other big winners in the first quarter were U.S. homebuilders, value stocks, financials, agricultural equities, and mid- and small-cap stocks.
Stocks had another good quarter. At the… Read More

2021 is off to a mixed start

The Vanguard Total World Stocks ETF (VT) gained 0.1% in January 2021. The Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO) lost 0.3%, and the iShares MSCI Canada Equity ETF (EWC) lost 1.1%. The iShares Core EAFE ETF (IEFA), which excludes U.S. and Canadian stocks, lost 1.5% in the month.
Emerging markets underperformed developed markets over the… Read More

COVID-19 challenged REIT ETFs

The speed of the March 2020 stock market decline, as well its rapid recovery to previous peaks, will rank high in the record books. For instance, the 34% drop for the S&P 500 took only 24 days while the recovery to its previous peak was… Read More