Pure-play Raytheon is set to take off

United Technologies (now Raytheon Technologies following its merger with Raytheon Co.) was our top Conservative pick for 2020. We liked that the merger, along with the spinoffs of Otis and Carrier, created a pure-play aerospace leader. Those moves also cut the old company’s exposure to… Read More

Raytheon is off to a strong start

RAYTHEON TECHNOLOGIES CORP. $78 is a buy. The company (New York symbol RTX; Conservative-Growth Payer Portfolio; Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares outstanding: 1.5 billion; Market cap: $117.0 billion; Dividend yield: 2.4%; Dividend Sustainability Rating: Above Average; www.rtx.com) took its current form on April 3, 2020, with the merger of… Read More

COVID-19 helps lift Carrier

CARRIER GLOBAL CORP. $29 is a buy. This company (New York symbol CARR; Manufacturing & Industry sector; Shares o/s: 866.2 million; Market cap: $25.1 billion; Divd. yield 1.1%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; www.carrier.com) is a leader in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. It also makes smoke detectors,… Read More