Mid-cap ETFs aim to lift your gains

Many investors overlook mid-cap stocks, thinking that a combination of large- and small-cap stocks will provide their portfolios with all the diversification they really need. However, as a group, U.S. mid-cap stocks have often performed better than large caps and are generally less risky than… Read More

Visa still appealing after big surge

Visa’s shares have soared 800% since we first recommended them in our December 2010 issue at $19 (adjusted for splits). We were originally drawn to the company’s unique business model, which lets it profit as more people use credit and debit cards instead of cheques… Read More

Western Union moves into the digital age

A Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle recently asked for his advice on a long-established stock that is going through the latest of many changes. 

Western Union first began building a transcontinental telegraph network in the 1850s. Today it specializes in money transfers, but that business… Read More

Stock sends money digitally, gets positive return

Stock sends money digitally, gets positive return

Recently Pat McKeough received a request from a Member of his Inner Circle about a well-known stock facing stiff competition. Beginning as a transcontinental telegraph company in the middle of the 19th century, Western Union now specializes in money transfers.

In recent years, the company’s revenue… Read More

Q: Pat: As a long-time Inner Circle member, I have enjoyed and benefitted from your precise opinion and ideas on all financial matters over the years. Many thanks. As I am now contemplating selling Western Union, because everybody seems to be facilitating money transfers, I wonder if you agree with me that this company’s future is now limited.

A: Western Union Co., $19.62, symbol WU on New York (Shares outstanding: 464.0 million; Market cap: $9.0 billion; www.westernunion.com), offers global money transfer services through more than 510,000 agent locations in over 200 countries.

Western Union gets about 80% its revenue from the fees it charges… Read More

Currency Exchange Corp. is late entry in a crowded field

Every Monday we feature “A Stock to Sell” as our daily post. With every stock or investment we recommend as a sell, we give you a full explanation of why we advise against investing in it at this time.

Currency Exchange International Corp. (symbol CXI… Read More