Take advantage of these outsource spinoffs

BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS INC. $89 (New York symbol BR; Finance Sector; Shares o/s: 116.6 million; Market cap: $10.4 billion; Takeover Target Rating: Medium; Divd. yield 2.2%; TSINetwork Rating: Average; www.broadridge.com) began trading on April 2, 2007, after it was spun off from New York-listed Automatic… Read More

Pat: I would appreciate your opinion of Lexmark International. Thanks.

Lexmark International, $21.60, symbol LXK on New York (Shares outstanding: 70.3 million; Market cap: $1.5 billion; www.lexmark.com), makes and services a wide range of printers. It also sells related consumable supplies, such as toner cartridges.

Printers contribute about 23% of the company’s revenue. Supplies account for… Read More