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  • CTC-A is on track to hit its 52 week low & half of world analysts state that the world economy will be lower.
    I own shares & plan to keep them since they are also well diversified. I believe we will go in a recession with all these wars going on and sucking us into it. Meanwhile watch China, Russia and India, they are ready to pounce. What do you think?

    • TSI Editorial Team 

      Thanks for your comment. We continue to see Canadian Tire as a quality buy for conservative investors prepared to stay in the market for the next several years.

    • Thanks for your question. Pat McKeough plans to keep updating his advice on the economy and more in upcoming advice emails to members of his Inner Circle. But here’s part of what he said recently:

      “……Early on in his war on Ukraine, Putin seemed to think that Chinese dictator Xi Jinping was going to take pity on him and his country, and offer free money and/or weapons to shore up Russia’s Ukraine invasion. Instead, Xi insists on staying out of the war, while paying discount prices for Russian oil. He takes special care not to let his country get caught up in the economic sanctions that the U.S. and NATO countries and allies are directing against the Russians.

      It’s not that Putin is stupid. If a war between Israel and Hamas turns out to be a big drain on the U.S. budget, the U.S. might have less money available to arm Ukraine.

      Up till lately, however, Israel has had little to say about Russia’s treatment of Ukraine. Israel may soon take a more active role in helping Ukraine defend itself.

      Any war is a terrible thing, and this one is no different. I’ll say more about that in our next quarterly letter to clients. Meanwhile, the stock market seems to be creeping upward. Maybe it knows something that Putin hasn’t figured out.

      I’ll say more on the subject in our next quarterly client letter (which as an Inner Circle member we will send to you as well a bit later), which will go out around month-end. Meanwhile, if your stock portfolio made sense to you a week or two ago, we advise against selling due to Mideast fears.

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