What are growth stocks?

What are growth stocks—and how do they differ from momentum stocks

Growth investing focuses on trying to identify and buy rising stocks when they have further growth ahead.

These stocks may trade at higher-than-average multiples of earnings, cash flow, book value and so on. Ideally, though, they… Read More

New free report: 10 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

Most successful investors describe themselves as buy-and-hold investors. But for many, their strategy is more like buy-and-hold-till-I-get-bored. How long you hold depends on the ability to find good stocks to buy.

Rather than “buy and hold,” we prefer a “buy and watch closely” strategy. That’s… Read More

Penny Stocks: Sales and earnings climb for Supremex

Penny Stocks: Sales and earnings climb for Supremex

Envelope-maker Supremex has lifted its sales by buying regional manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. Its new focus on packaging for e-commerce and online shopping has also lifted earnings.

SUPREMEX (symbol SXP on Toronto; www.supremex.com) is a leading North American… Read More

2 ETFs offer international exposure, low MERs

2 ETFs offer international exposure, low MERs

We think conservative investors can hold up to 10% of their portfolios in foreign stocks. Here’s a look at two international ETFs that offer very low management fees and access to tax-efficient portfolios of high-quality stocks.


Mining Stocks: Share price climbs for Newmont Mining

The share price for Newmont Mining has increased twice fast as gold prices since January—something that should increase profitability for the gold miner and allow it to lower operating costs as sells more shares.

NEWMONT MINING (New York symbol NEM; www.newmont.com)… Read More

Penny Stocks: Koss Corp. reaches settlement with Amex

Penny Stocks: Koss Corp. reaches settlement with Amex

Koss Corp. will pocket revenue from its increased sales–along with the proceeds of a settlement with American Express. It has also found a new distributor after its online sales declined.

KOSS CORP. (symbol KOSS on Nasdaq; www.koss.com) began operating in 1958 when… Read More

Acquisitions boost cash flow for AltaGas

Pat McKeough recently replied to a member of his Inner Circle who is looking for an opinion on AltaGas Ltd. The power generator has stabilized its cash flow with long-term contracts for its power plants. It has also agreed to sell… Read More