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New free report: 10 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

Investment Advice Most successful investors describe themselves as buy-and-hold investors. But for many, their strategy is more like buy-and-hold-till-I-get-bored. How long you hold depends on the ability to find good stocks to buy.

Rather than “buy and hold,” we prefer a “buy and watch closely” strategy. That’s the same in 2016 as it was 20 years ago. What it means is that we constantly look for reasons to sell. But we rarely find them, because we are careful about what we buy.

A buy-and-watch-closely orientation can be extremely profitable in the long term. Keep in mind, your best picks are those that do way better than you ever expected.

In this free report we have just published, I show you how to build a “buy and watch closely” portfolio. This is an approach that has done very well for our portfolio management clients over the past few decades.

And of course our new report gives you specific stock picks that will help you begin building your own “buy and watch closely” portfolio. These are 10 stocks that have stood our test of reliability. You will find other strong “buy and watch” candidates in our publications that focus on strong, conservative investments: The Successful Investor, Canadian Wealth Advisor and Wall Street Stock Forecaster.

See why a “buy and watch closely” strategy can be extremely profitable for you in the long term. And get 10 stocks you can rely on to make this strategy work for you.

Click here to download this report now:
10 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever  >>

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In this unique report, you’ll see:

  • Why a “buy and watch closely” approach is far more likely to make money for you than market timing, or a sector rotation strategy.
  • The 3 keys to constructing a portfolio that will reward you with consistent gains.
  • 10 specific stock picks that we have selected to form the core of a strong “buy and watch closely” portfolio.
  • And much more……

This report is just the latest in a series of reports I’ve written as free downloads on TSI Network. Previously, I wrote 10 Best Practices of Successful Investors, distilling many years of experience into the 10 practices that successful investors most often follow.

To get started on my latest free report, click here to download your copy of 10 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever. I’d also encourage you to share the report with a friend.

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Is there one stock you have held longer than any other in your portfolio? Did you ever seriously considering selling it?

Note: This is a July 2016 update of an article first published in 2014.


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