Alcan Inc. $48 – Toronto symbol AL

Canada’s Alcan Inc. was acquired in 2007 by Rio Tinto for $38.1 billion in what was then the biggest metals and mining transaction in history. Here’s a look back at TSI’s analysis of Alcan.

ALCAN INC. $48 (Toronto symbol AL; SI Rating: Average) is the world’s… Read More

The Successful Investor in Volatile Markets

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Discover how Pat McKeough and his team of investment experts can help you maximize your returns — and cut your risk — in today’s volatile markets
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Hi Pat: What is your opinion on Ivanhoe Mines? Thanks.

Ivanhoe Mines, $9.50, symbol IVN on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 378.2 million; Market cap: $3.6 billion), is an international mining company that focuses on the Asia-Pacific region. Ivanhoe’s main asset is its Oyu Tolgoi copper-and-gold project in southern Mongolia.

Oyu Tolgoi, located about 80 kilometres north… Read More

Investing advice: How we spot takeover candidates

We’ve been asked a number of times over the years about how we manage in our investing advice to recommend so many stocks that get taken over at a big profit.

Some readers, especially those of our Successful Investor newsletter, tell us that they never… Read More

Resist the Temptation

ALCAN INC. $102 (Toronto symbol AL;Conservative Growth Portfolio,Resources sector; Shares outstanding: 369.7 million; Market cap: $37.7 billion; SI Rating: Average) is trading below Rio Tinto Ltd.’s takeover offer of $101 U.S. a share (about $105 Cdn.)

That’s because of investor worries that Rio Tinto may have… Read More

Two Resource Funds, Two Degrees of Risk

TD RESOURCE FUND $32.74 (CWA Rating: Aggressive) (TD Asset Management, P.O. Box 7500, Station A, Toronto, Ontario. M5W 1P9. 1-800-836-3757; Web No load — deal directly with the bank) invests in companies with superior asset bases, proven management and the ability to internally finance… Read More

BMO Dividend Fund $50.82

BMO DIVIDEND FUND $50.82 (BMO Mutual Funds, 77 King Street West, Suite 4200, Royal Trust Tower, Toronto, Ont., M5K 1J5, 1-800-665-7700; Web site: No load — deal directly with the bank) (CWA Rating: Conservative) currently holds about 57.3% of its portfolio in the Financial… Read More

Two Large-cap Buys With a Finance Focus

BMO Dividend and RBC Canadian Dividend hold mostly high-quality stocks. These stocks sometimes run into trouble and go through lengthy struggles, just like lesser investments. Eventually, though, most solve their problems and go on to thrive anew.

Both funds hold a high proportion of their assets… Read More