A 12-point checklist for finding quality ETFs

The best ETFs offer low fees and diverse exposure to several companies operating in an economy or a specific industry or region. They don’t, however, eliminate market volatility, although their diversity usually cuts your risk of permanent loss. ETFs can also cut down research time… Read More

What are stock options?

What are stock options, and can they increase your profits?

What are stock options, and how are they used for investing? An option is a contract between a buyer and a seller, based on an underlying security, usually a stock… Read More

BCE Inc. $37 – Toronto symbol BCE

BCE INC. $37 (Toronto symbol BCE; Conservative Growth Portfolio, Utilities sector; Shares outstanding: 805.3 million; Market cap: $29.8 billion; SI Rating: Above average) moved a step closer to a takeover after gaining regulatory approval. As well, a court recently dismissed a class-action lawsuit by bondholders… Read More

What to Do With PrimeWest

PRIMEWEST ENERGY TRUST $25.10 (Toronto symbol PWI.UN; SI Rating: Speculative) is now the subject of a $26.75 per unit cash takeover bid from subsidiaries of the Abu Dhabi National Energy Co.

After merging with Shiningbank Energy Trust (a recommendation of Canadian Wealth Advisor) in July, 2007,… Read More