Blue chip stock investing: 5 pointers for success

Blue chip stock investing: 5 pointers for success

Blue chip stock investing can be easier if you use the pointers we share in this article
Aim above all for investment quality and diversification in your blue chip stock investing.

The majority of the stocks we regard as blue chips reward investors with both dividends and… Read More

Spinoff best option for Tenet investors

TENET HEALTHCARE CORP. $21 (New York symbol THC; Consumer Sector; Shares outstanding: 103.4 million; Market cap: $2.2 billion; No dividend paid; Takeover Target Rating: Highest; is one of the largest for-profit hospital chains in the U.S. It operates 65 hospitals and 500 other health-care… Read More

Why the Best Utility Stocks should have a place in Your Portfolio

The best utility stocks can provide growth and income in a diversified portfolio. Here are some tips on picking the best ones
Utility stocks include companies that provide electric power, telecommunications and pipeline services. At TSI Network, we continue to recommend that income-seeking investors buy high-quality… Read More

Q: Pat: My ex-broker bought a large position in Cymbria for my portfolio. I am now managing my own investments and must decide whether to keep the stock or sell. I would appreciate your opinion on Cymbria. Thanks.

A: Cymbria Corp., $56.00, symbol CYB on Toronto (Shares outstanding: 22.6 million; Market cap: $1.3 billion;, is a closed-end fund that invests in a portfolio comprised largely of publicly traded stocks.

Separately, the fund owns 20.7% of EdgePoint Wealth Management, a private firm that sells… Read More

Stock Pickers Digest Hotline – Friday, November 27, 2015

ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD, $62.78, symbol ATD.B on Toronto, operates 8,006 convenience stores throughout North America and 2,217 in Europe, including Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark), Poland, the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Russia.

In the three months ended October 11, 2015, Couche-Tard’s sales fell 5.7%,… Read More

Updating BMTC Group, AGT Food & Ingredients and

BMTC GROUP $16.25 (Toronto symbol GBT; TSINetwork Rating: Extra Risk) (514-648-5757; No website; Shares outstanding: 43.1 million; Market cap: $799.9 million; Dividend yield: 1.5%) recently received shareholder approval for its plan to simplify its capital structure by moving from two share classes to one. As… Read More