CTT Pharmaceutical aims for medical marijuana breakthrough

CTT Pharmaceutical aims for medical marijuana breakthrough

Not long ago, a Member of Pat McKeough’s Inner Circle asked him about a Canadian pharmaceutical stock that’s aiming for a breakthrough in marijuana.  

CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings is developing a special wafer to deliver smoke-free medical marijuana. It has an agreement with one of Canada’s… Read More

Q: Hello Pat. What do you think of CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings? It recently went up, but I not unsure if it’s safe to buy now. Thank you.

A: CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, $1.15, symbol CTTH on the U.S over-the-counter bulletin board (Shares outstanding: 21.3 million; Market cap: $29.9 million; www.cttpharmaceuticals.com), is an Ontario-based developer of fast-dissolving film wafers that users take orally to get a dose-specific, smoke-free delivery of medical cannabis or another… Read More

Q: Pat: A friend teaches on the Maldive Islands to pretty rich people, and he says that they have invested millions in Airborne Wireless Network. I would appreciate your findings. Kind regards.

A: Airborne Wireless Network, $1.54, symbol ABWN on the U.S. over-the-counter bulletin board (Shares outstanding: 94.4 million; Market cap: $153.6 million; www.airbornewirelessnetwork.com), hopes to create a high-speed airborne wireless network to link commercial aircraft in flight. The company believes that each aircraft participating in the… Read More