Here’s our view on six popular ETFs

The major Canadian and U.S. stock markets have moved back up since their initial COVID-19 drop. Nonetheless, we think that if you can afford to stay in the market for several years or longer, now is still a good time to buy. We see ETFs… Read More

Growth stocks can boost your gains

Growth stocks can be riskier than well-established firms, but the best of them often make good long-term investments. They may be well-known stars or quiet gems, but they do share one common attribute: they grow at a faster-than-average rate within their industry, or within the… Read More

Q: Pat, may I have your view of the ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF? If one were considering a “Dogs of the Dow” approach, would this be an alternative? Thanks.

A: The ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF, $39.83, symbol SDOG on New York (Units outstanding: 23.6 million; Market cap: $940.0 million;, is an ETF that applies the “Dogs of the Dow” theory on a sector-by-sector basis using the stocks in the S&P 500.

The fund… Read More

These ETFs tap homebuilder gains

The U.S. housing market has recovered from the drop in activity earlier this year following the start of COVID-19 lockdowns. Low mortgage rates and limited housing supply—along with buyers who are now looking for more space after being confined to their homes during the pandemic—continue… Read More