Profit from rising infrastructure spending

Governments around the world know the benefits that flow from the development of better infrastructure. However, their stretched budgets and a reluctance to increase taxes constrain their ability to initiate these projects. This provides opportunities for private companies to develop and manage these assets.
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Five North American ETF buys and one sell

The six ETFs we update below mainly hold high-quality stocks that are widely traded on Canadian and U.S. exchanges. Each fund tracks the performance of a major stock market index. That’s different from ETFs focused on narrower indexes or themes such as cryptocurrencies or biotechnology.
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DowDuPont split set to unlock value

Chemical giant DowDuPont continues to plan for its split into three new businesses, following last year’s big merger.
The stock has suffered in the past few months over concerns trade disputes could slow global growth. Cyclical industrial manufacturers, such as automakers, are the company’s major customers… Read More

Pass on this ETF

VELOCITYSHARES DAILY 2X VIX SHORT-TERM ETN $47.22 (Nasdaq symbol TVIX) is an exchange-traded note (ETN) that tracks the VIX Short-Term Futures Index.
While they are technically debt instruments like bonds, ETNs pay no interest and offer no protection for an investor’s principal. In many ways, they are like ETFs.
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